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In addition to promoting a significant amount of my work, I accept donations for my work. My artwork and services include:


  • Proofs/Pictures*

  • Fan-Signs (picture with your name, social media account, or business)

  • Videos/Photoshoots - Behind the Scenes*

  • Fan-Videos (video with your name being said or your music playing in background)

  • Promotions on Social Media (average about 500K+ views)

  • Subscriptions* (two weeks of daily items sent to you)

  • Full-Collections* (everything I've made thus far)

  • Skype/FT consultations (get to know me/my cause and find out what you can do to help)


As I am an artist, I do not tolerate those attempting to sexualize me or my work. Please refrain from donating if you are unable to grasp the deeper meaning.


To become a donor, it is preferred that you have a payment app set-up. Please leave a message under "About > Contact" or email for list of categories and suggested donations.


Chat with me for more questions!


PLEASE NOTE: ALL donations are FINAL. NO refunds.


*must be 18 years of age or older to donate




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