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Who is the Queen of Nudes?

My first nude was exposed when I was 18.


I didn't know why the person did that, how to process all the attention it brought, or how to move on when so many people had seen me naked. 


After a week of crying and trying to get it removed from multiple sites, I finally told my mother what happened. Her reply was simple, "Get over it. It's just a nipple." And it was... Just a nipple.


Not only did I repost the originally exposed nude, but I started to have a new appreciation for nude photography. My opinion of the naked body no longer mimicked that of society, rather, it became my own. The naked body is beautiful and it's important that everyone have a positive body-image. I am not ashamed to show my body. I am now an activist for the "Free the Nipple" movement.


Now that I show off my body in my pictures, especially on SnapChat, I receive a lot of love and hate for it - attention, nonetheless. Because I've proudly accumulated a gallery of professional semi-nudes and fans who support the "Free the Nipple" movement, I refer to myself as the Queen of Nudes. After all, Reyna does mean "queen" in Spanish. 


Whether I'm promoting a cause through my art or taking a photo just because I happened to be mostly naked, it's my choice to expose myself. After all, you can't expose someone who's exposing themselves.  

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